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They say that if you can measure it, then you can improve it. In search engine optimization, measurement is critical to success. Professional SEOs track data about rankings, referrals, links, and more to help analyze their SEO strategy and create road maps for success.


Although every business is unique, and every website has different metrics that matter, the following list is nearly universal. Here we're covering metrics critical to SEO; more general metrics are not included.


Who we are

We’re a bunch of digital strategists, thinkers, designers, developers and marketers. We empower people and companies with digital solutions so they can succeed in business. Our vision is to inspire small and mid-sized companies to realise their full digital potential in a world of constant change. We are committed to generate value to our partners by offering strategic planning, creative power and forward thinking.

What we do

Digital Marketing has come a long way. In early 00’s the industry was mainly focused in SEO. Businesses, seeking digital marketing, mainly looked for search engine optimization. Then social media came into action and took the center stage along with SEO. However, this was not the ultimate shift in digital marketing. With different channels coming in the picture, digital marketers realized that only SEO with social media would not help businesses. They would need the right marketing mix.

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